‘Dinosaurs’ Rapping Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’ is Why The Internet Exists

Yes, Biggie will always be our No. 1 but this mashup is throwing it way back and giving us all the feels.

Created by video editor Benjamin Roberts, the clip fuses papa Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs’ with Notorious B.I.G. The result: a giant, flannel-wearing puppet flawlessy rapping ‘Hypnotize.’

Roberts claims the masterpiece took him three days to complete:

On holidays from work, and with my family out of town, I dedicated three full days to creating the best mashup I could think of. Behold.

Yes, we recognize that the internet is filled with forgettable videos like kittens getting their heads stuck in mason jars. FYI: This ain’t one of them.