Corn Dogs, Getting Some, and Making Bank with The Garden

Twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears “most likely” won’t be hitting up any pot shops on the Amsterdam leg of their upcoming Eurotour next month.

“I don’t know why you’d ever say that,” Wyatt says.

The tall, nigh-androgynous, and sole members of Orange County-based noise band The Garden are the epitome of idiosyncratic. Their songs, each barely a minute or two long, oscillate wildly between aggressive garage and experimental grunge. Their music videos are shot with all the gritty recklessness of ’90s skate vids. They’ve invented their own genre: “vada vada,” a self-proclaimed alternate reality that seems to be comprised of equal parts twin telepathy, drums and bass, and Target brand lipstick.

Raised by Orange County’s music scene, the brothers owe much of their musical heritage to their dad, who was a member of ’80s punk band Shattered Faith. They reminisce over shows watched at Santa Ana’s Observatory back when they were in nine or ten years old, it was still called “The Galaxy,” and their oversized band shirts stretched all the way to their knees.

Now in their third year as a band (each brother also has his own personal projects “Enjoy” and “Puzzle”), The Garden boys are working on an EP and looking forward to kicking off their European tour January 30th in Holland and closing it out February 22nd, also in Holland. They took some time to sit down with us before heading their last American show at The Observatory a couple weeks back. Check the interview above for sharpie graffiti, the boys’ future baby names (hint: it gets a little biblical), and corn dogs. Yes, really.