Candyland: Just a Boy and a Girl Playing Awesome Music

Attention: Don’t confuse this infectiously charming boy and girl DJ duo with the childhood boardgame. Candyland hails from Santa Barbara, California and carved a name for themselves after dropping insane beats that blend house and trap with everything from System of a Down to Lil Jon.

5 million Soundcloud plays deep, numerous chart toppers later — No. 1 on Dubstep Top 100, Electro House Top 100, Glitch Hop Top 100, etc. — and the co-ed duo is poised to be the next EDM epidemic. Before tearing up Orange County’s Sutra and leaving everyone a breathless, sweaty mess, 7 got the chance to catch up with Candyland.

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First impressions at 17

Josie: I thought he was a party animal and was really, really popular, and I was not.

Ethan: I thought she was really cool actually, and she was a dj. I didn’t know any djs. She actually played my 17th birthday, that’s how we met.


Coming back home and performing in IV (Isla Vista at UC Santa Barbara)

Josie: People were throwing things at us

Ethan: Really?

Josie: Ya, people were throwing like soda cans, beer cans, someone came up and flipped us off. It wasn’t fun

Ethan: I was probably drunk, so it wasn’t as bad for me


Yikes, that’s horrible. We’re so sorry. Ok, has your relationship as both artists and friends evolved since you began collaborating?

Josie: I think our relationship as artists has gotten better, we respect each other more and I think we’re still growing, still learning. I feel like its always changing. He’s my closest friend, I can tell him anything”

Ethan: Ya, we’re good friends. It’s been a long time that we’ve been friends, longer than we’ve been artists together. And I feel like touring helps you grow a lot, bc it’s like a pressure cooker, and everything is exposed, forcing you to grow.”


Have your views changed since you joined the industry – in regard to life, religion, etc?

Josie: About life, I feel like I learned that I am a better person than I thought I was. I felt like kind of a loser for a long time, and music has helped me figure my shit out.

Ethan: As far as the music industry goes, the fact that we’ve been able to come this far has given me hope for other people who have dreams. I used to think when people said they had dreams, for me it was like ok, that’s bullshit, you get a job and work your way up. This has enabled me to believe in other people too, and have some faith and confidence in other people to succeed in what they really want to do. As far as religion goes. I hate to put a label on it as religion, but I have a relationship with God and that hasn’t changed because of everything that’s happened. I would say its grown, because of everything.


On touring with Krewella and favorite stage

Josie: Best part about touring is getting to know people, and learning from them. Touring with Krewella was pretty humbling, but it was cool to see how hard they work. They put their all into every single aspect, and that was inspiring. Favorite venue, Avalon and Marquee, and playing at home in Santa Barbara.

Ethan: Touring is great, and its crazy to be able to see so much of the world at this age, and it causes us to be mature in some aspects, and to be immature in others – like not having to settle down and work a job consistently, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, not a chance.

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Pre-performance ritual

Josie: We do a quick prayer

Ethan: We call it our PSR – Preshow Ritual

Josie: I decompress, and fro my hair.


Where did Producer Pablo come from & will he ever leave the bathtub?

Josie: Our manager told us we were boring on Facebook, and that we need to be ourselves more and embrace our weirdness.

Ethan: So we came up with characters to mask our real personalities (laughs). You’ll never see him outside the bathtub I don’t think. Maybe when we go to Miami.


Raging and good friends

Josie: I don’t really drink that much, but when I do it’s in Vegas, that’s where I go the hardest.

Ethan: It just depends on who you’re with not really the location so much.

Josie: When we bring friends with us, it’s a game-changer. 

Alexandra Sharova

A Russian-Californian hybrid who loves poetry, Black Sabbath and pickles