Here is the Sinister Trailer for Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ Theme Park

Last week, the doors to artist Banksy’s Dismaland “bemusement park” opened to eager attendees. Of course, the most morbid place on earth deserves a trailer that’s equally flesh-crawling.

The trailer starts off as the typical opening to a perky cereal commercial: a family sits down to a cheery breakfast around the table. Then, things get weird, and an unseen narrator asks, “Is there something missing in your life?”

A van ride later and the perfect nuclear family is seen wandering a joyless theme park filled with eerie employees touting black balloons, curious art installments from various artists and, yes, even fireworks. Just like the real thing, but better.

Dismaland is open every day from now until September 27, 2015.