Netflix and Chill Festival to Bring 21,000 Attendees

Netflix and Chill Festival in Philly

It’s time to grab your bae (or Tinder date) and head over to Philly.

As every 20-something knows, “netflix and chill” has become the staple of American dating. And while many of you may be lamenting the days of dinner and candlelight past… you can’t deny it’s, ahem, popularity.

Last week, due to “too many RSVPs,” the Netflix and Chill event scheduled for Berkeley, California was shut down. Now, thanks to multiple requests to host the titillating event around the world, a location has been finalized: the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia will play host to the 21,ooo attendees at tomorrow’s first annual Netflix and Chill gathering.

The dating app Knock Knock will be sponsoring the event and those showing up can expect a screening of Knocked up and complimentary popcorn. Those wanting to attend will need to request an invite of the Facebook event page and get further details from there.

Word has it that the Pope, who will be in town this weekend, received an official invite.