You Can Finally Get Morgan Freeman as a GPS Voice

Morgan Freeman Voice

Now we can get hopelessly lost to the soft spoken yet confident guidance of Morgan Freeman.

One of the finest First World Problems to date is the vehement anger that comes with taking the wrong exit at the behest of your trusty GPS. The clenched fists, the screaming, the pleading, the cursing. Did we mention the cursing?

Karen Jacobsen has been the “Guiding Voice” used in most GPS devices for years now. Still, who doesn’t love and trust Morgan Freeman? There’s a reason he’s the first actor to have played both God and the President of the United States twice, the Vice President, and the Speaker of the House.

The Waze mapping app, which like everything else is owned by Google, has enabled its GPS service with a Morgan Freeman setting. For the most part, the directions are unremarkable albeit read by the crafty Lucius Fox himself. The gimmick won’t be around forever unfortunately. The Morgan Freeman voice option is simply a promotional plug for Freeman’s upcoming movie London Has Fallen, the sequel to box office flop although still unintentionally hilarious Olympus Has Fallen.

In London Has Fallen, Morgan Freeman plays US Vice President Trumbull. As part of the promo for the film, Freeman is in character as Vice President Trumbull for all audio purposes with the Waze GPS app. As noted by Geek, many of the lines are “read in the style of a VP talking to the president,” with Freeman calmly informing us to take the roundabout ahead in our rusted-out 92 Topaz.

This isn’t the first time Waze has went all-in on a celebrity voiceover for an upcoming movie. In 2015, as part of the promotion for the Terminator Genisys release, Waze gave individuals the option to use Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice to guide them around town. Apparently in 2013 the company thought it would be hilarious to use Kevin Hart’s shrill voice as well to market the release of the movie Ride Along no one has still yet to see.

Once Waze is downloaded and just as the Morgan Freeman treatment is to ensue, Waze will promptly and shamelessly inform users that London Has Fallen hits theaters on March 4. For the time being, Waze is available on iOS and Android.

Dallon Adams

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