It’s Happening: Jars of Weed Pizza Sauce Arrive at Marijuana Dispensaries

Weed Pizza Sauce

If you’re in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colorado, or Washington, take note.

LA-based company Podey Pizza started selling their jars of marijuana-infused tomato sauce to dispensaries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colorado, and Washington. The 5-ounce jars pack 300 mg of cannabis each and go for $20 a pop.

Each serving is enough for one large pizza or two smaller sizes, Steve Thomas, Podey’s VP of operatations, tells Huffpo.

“You can eat three slices and be fully medicated,” he says. Of course, that dosage depends on the tolerance of who’s eating. Those not familiar with edibles should probably start with one slice, see how they feel, and go from there. Also, we recommend keeping a “safety pizza” on deck, aka just a regular, non-medicated pie for when the munchies hit.

While Podey claims to have created “the world’s first cannabis infused pizza sauce,” it’s not the first time we’ve seen pizza and pot come together. Stoned Oven, another LA company, slings 6-inch pizzas packed with 250 mg of ethanol-extracted THC concentrate, and offers an impressive lineup that includes OG Pepperoni, 5-Star Cheese, and Very Margarita Jane.

A while back, Mega ILL Cafe in Vancouver began baking up pies drizzled with cannabis oil for an extra $10. Still, the idea of dipping crispy mozzarella sticks in pot-infused pizza sauce whilst watching Netlfix at home? Fucking priceless.