Weed Coffee Mug Pipe


Over the past few years, the internet has been obsessed with mashups. Bacon Sriracha Donuts. Weed Beer Bongs. Now, taking this trend to a new, er, high is the Pipemug. A concept so slick we’re wondering why on earth we never thought of it before; a design so user-friendly even a stoner baby panda could figure it out.


The mug’s hollow handle serves as a stem, with the carb located discretely on the side. The Pipemug comes in 11 different designs, each ceramic vessel handcrafted and made-to-order. At $50 to $60 each, the various mugs range from “Purple Haze” to “Obsidian Black.” The site assures everyone that you can smoke and drink your organic pressed coffee at the same time, with no risk of “cross contamination between your smoke and your favorite drink.”

Finally, our two favorite things fused into the poster child of efficiency.

Picthx Gavin Woolard, H/T FWF