‘Chrontella’ is the Weed Nutella We’ve All Been Waiting For


The edible industry is experiencing a culinary revolution of sorts. We’ve evolved from burnt pot brownies to Dankies (weed Twinkies) to weed pizza to weed k-cups to Roseanne slinging weed-laced macadamia nuts. Now, we’re proud to finally announce that Weed Nutella is an actual thing that you can slather on your morning toast.

Named Chrontella, the brand was imagined by what seems like entrepreneurs from Toronto with a knack for clever packaging and fueling our munchie dreams. There’s also Pif — a nod towards Jif peanut butter — and Smokers — a hat tip to Smucker’s jam. While they don’t look like they’re selling these real-life stoner dreams just yet, Vice reports that a jar of Chrontella and Pif run for $23 each and contains 300 milligrams of cannabis extract.

Even though there’s just three servings per jar, it’s pretty potent. 10 milligrams is usually enough to comfortably ease into a high, according to Christie Lunsford, director of operations at 3D Cannabis Center. So if you’re smart, you’d have a regular ol’ jar of Nutella on deck, just in case.