This Weed Inhaler Blasts 10mg of THC Per Puff

vapen cannabis inhaler

What It Is

The latest method of getting high doesn’t involve smoking or eating it. Taking a design page from inhalers used to treat asthma, the “Vapen Clear” inhaler swaps the albuterol with pure THC. And unlike vaporizer pens, this particular puffer uses a propellant to drive THC into your lungs, as opposed to heat. As for the smell, since no oil is burned, there is (theoretically) no odor. So, no batteries or matches needed.

The expenditure to puff ratio isn’t bad, either. Each cartridge packs 100 puffs per cartridge; each puff delivers 10mg.

You can even pick up the inhaler in three different versions: the “Daytime” inhaler has sativa for energy; the “Nighttime” inhaler has an indica strain for mellowing out; the “Afternoon” inhaler offers the balance of both in a hybrid.

Is It Better Than Lighting Up?

While the prospect of a weed inhaler sounds cleaner, and we’re not saying it’s not, keep in mind that a propellant uses a chemical substance (in the Vapen Clear’s case aerosol) to blast the THC into your lungs. Vapen Clear’s aerosol-based propellant may still need further study to fully determine how it affects our health. With most new cannabis products emerging on the market, it’s important to do your own research.

Plus, we’ll always have a soft spot for doobies.

Where You Can Find It

While Arizona company Vapen specializes in techy cannabis products used for the delivery of cannabis, the Vapen Clear seems to be the first on its kind to hit the market. So far, its only available at select shops in Arizona. Word has it that their products will also hit Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada in the near future.

Photo Credit: Vapen