Today America Votes on Marijuana and Whether You Can Catch a Bear with a Donut

America Votes on Marijuana

America Votes on Marijuana

It took a lot of push and shove to finally put marijuana on the 2014 ballot. Now, voters in four states — Alaska, DC, Oregon and Florida — will decide what their next move on legalizing marijuana will be. Depending on which measures pass and which fall flat, the momentum pushing the growing public approval will either make historic steps forward or be forced to reconsider the current game plan on legalizing weed.

While many are banking on the support of younger, liberal  voters to make their voice heard at the ballot booth, the outcome is in no way sure-fire. Full legalization in Oregon is likely, with SurveyUSA showing the current, revamped bill passing with a 52 percent approval. On the other hand, full legalization in Alaska is shaky, despite the support of popular public figures such as Snoop Dogg. The reason being that Alaska Constitution’s right to privacy has protected the use and possession of small amounts of marijuana since 1975 — making voters already satisfied with the current protections hesitate for further change.

Can You Catch a Bear with a Donut

While the fate of marijuana legalization is yet to be determined, a lesser known citizen initiated referendum in Maine would ban the use of donuts to lure bears out of their hiding places, making them easier targets for hunters. Those in favor of using pastries, hunting hounds and other methods of bear-baiting say that these traps are necessary to avoiding a population explosion of furry animals.

Bottomline: Today America is voting on jelly donuts and weed. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Art by koyuki222