This is Mob Boss, a Strain Quickly Gaining a Potent Reputation

Mob Boss was concocted by Steele Savage and unleashed to the public in 2009. The unique strain features a hybrid of  ChemDawg D clone-only female and a batch of Tang Tang males. As the plant grows, nearly every leaf is coated with long trichomes — making it an optimal choice for BHO (Butane Honey Oil) extractions.

The Chem D and Tang Tang blend emits a light, floral aroma. However, be wary. The frosty hybrid packs a head-punch effect. According to  Ry Prichard of the Cannabis Encyclopedia projectit ranks as one of the top 10 percent of the strongest strains encountered. Taking from its ChemDawg D side of the family, a solid Mob Boss starts by filling your head with “a buzzing pressure and immediately lowering the eyelids,” making for an intense body high. Thus, the heavy-hitting strain is best saved for occasions where prolonged activity isn’t needed, but rather for nights in relaxing at home.

The hybrid’s generous trichome coverage and potent effects have contributed to its rising popularity in the market.

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This is Mob Boss, a Strain Quickly Gaining a Potent Reputation.