These Handbags Are Designed to Mask the Smell of Your Weed

Bags to hide weed smell

While we don’t want to knock plastic baggies — they’ve served us well for years — there’s no denying that the dank aroma of kush always manages to seep through.

It was a familiar situation Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch found themselves in while hot boxing a Mercedes Benz with their friends. As the ladies rummaged through their purses trying to find crinkled baggies, a lighter and eye drops, that’s when it hit them.

Moss tells Mashable:

We didn’t have anything fashionable and functional to carry our cannabis. That’s when the light went off.

Looking to solve this dilemma, the two baby boomers launched AnnaBís (pronounced “Anna-Bee”) — a collection of leather handbags engineered to hide the smell of weed and make finding paraphernalia effortless.

AnnaBis Bags

Photo courtesy of Annabís

How does it work? The fabric of each bag comes layered with an aroma-locking resin, while the interior houses discreet compartments for easy access to your vapes, medical card, joints, grinders, etc. There are currently three styles available, ranging from $120 to $295: a small case fitted for vapes and pipes; a medium-sized clutch; and a drawstring bucket bag.

The founders hope to expand the cannabis culture beyond just girls decked in marijuana leaf pasties (of course, they’re great too) to one that embraces a larger female demographic. Their website reads:

…women are grossly underserved in cannabis culture. So they [Moss and Shuch] created something that had never existed before: a brand devoted to serving the functional, social, and emotional needs of women with accessories that discreetly carry the essentials for going out and feeling wonderful… Women are key members of the emerging mainstream culture of cannabis, and should not be treated as an afterthought. We are patients and consumers; we are career women and mothers; we are daughters and creators.

In step with other high-end purses, each Annabís bag comes with a dust bag and an authenticity card. At the moment, the collection is available online and remains self-funded.