It Takes 1 Hour to Make Each of These Porcelain Gatorade Bongs

metallic gatorade bongs

We’ve heard that bongs made out of Gatorade bottles are as nostalgic to Australians as meat pies and ketchup. Apparently, the bottle’s ribbed sides prevent the plastic from caving in when heated and its diameter allows for the perfect amount of smoke to enter the chamber.

Speculations aside, Gator Beung (heh), a Sydney-based company, paid respects to the classic delivery method by crafting gold and silver coated “Gatorbeugs.”

Porcelain Gatorade Bong Construction

The ceramic replicas are formed from cast earthenware, each lovingly made by owner Tom Mason — who curiously enough, doesn’t toke himself. Each swagged-out beverage bong takes him 1 hour to make and will run you a reasonable $70.

An explanation on the store site reads:

To get that thirst, the craving for sticky flavoursomme water swirling down down your throat you gott put in the hard ones with a 100 meter dash for glory…

We’re a bit confused but we’re sure there’s a hidden metaphor buried somewhere in there. Our advice? Bookmark this for an easy Xmas/birthday/anniversary gift.



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