San Francisco Startup Creates the Uber of Weed

Meadow App - GetMeadow

Holy fuck. You should not of eaten that entire brownie. Now you’re glued to every fiber of your couch and the chances of you going anywhere else tonight are zero to zilch. But, what happens when you run out of bud? Too bad that Domino’s app doesn’t deliver a side of Mary Jane with that cheese pizza.

Meadow App – GetMeadow

Luckily, weed sommelier and food blogger David Hua understands you. His San Francisco startup Meadow features an app that applies the food porn aspect to showcase medical marijuana available to purchase in your area. Each strain is accompanied by close-up shots highlighting the vibrant colors and crystals. Users can upload their physician’s recommendation letter and California identification card or driver’s license all via the app. Once verified, patients can browse through different varieties, including “Blueberry Kush” and “Girl Scout Cookies,” make their pick, order and receive their chosen cannabis in less than an hour.

Still, Hua has some stiff competition, with similar apps like Eaze scrambling to take advantage of the relaxing marijuana laws and social attitudes. Some advice: Merge this app with any of the new fast food delivery apps — Burger King, Domino’s, etc. — and you’ve got yourself solid gold.

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