Starbucks Wins $500,000 in Damages Over a Bong

copycat bongs

When Starbucks got wind that their iconic Frappuccino cup was copycat’d into a bong, they filed a complaint back in June. Now, James Landgraf, the Oregon artist behind the Starbucks-themed water pipe, must pony up over $500,000 in damages.

Dubbed “Dabuccino,” the line featured water pipes decorated with a siren, green straw and dome lid, all iconic of Starbucks beverages — minus the siren’s weed crown and “straw” pipe. They weren’t cheap, either: products sold anywhere from $200 to a hefty $8000.

The coffee giant alleged that Landgraf in collaboration with Hitman Glass, an e-commerce site that sold the bong, “willfully intended to create an association with the Starbucks Marks and to capitalize upon the success and popularity of the Starbucks Marks to sell [their] products.”

According to Law360, when Landgraf failed to show up in court or have a lawyer represent him earlier this month, District Judge Otis D. Wright ruled in Starbucks’ favor by default. Landgraf was ordered to repay $99,000 for trademark infringement fees and $11, 580 for attorney fees on top of the $410, 800 for copyright infringement. The proceedings against Hitman Glass are still underway.

In a statement from a Starbucks spokesperson:

We are pleased with the court’s decision. Starbucks has made significant investments to develop our brand and intellectual property over the past 45 years. We have an obligation to protect our intellectual property from infringement in order to retain our exclusive rights to it.

Of course, Landgraf isn’t the first one to capitalize on our love for fast food and cannabis. McDonald’s, In-N-Out and Burger King have seen their fair share of copycat water pipes as well. However, they’ve yet to take action against these odes to soda cups.

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