Smokable Clothing: Hoodies That Get You High


The age of Mary Jane is now and as companies compete to dominate the market, we’re starting to see everything from the highly sophisticated (Spliffin vape pens) to the quirky (weed coffee mug pipes). Now, entrepreneurs are making a bid to create smokable clothing: stealthy sweatshirts that’ll get you high.

At the moment, two rival brands — VapRwear and Hood Horkerz — lead the wearable pot paraphernalia trend, complete with a heated disagreement over who invented what and when (something about a fateful meeting at a party and un-hashed differences).

Hood Horkerz, spearheaded by Sean Oliver, fashions “pipe sweaters” that have a glass bowl at one end of the drawstring and a mouthpiece on the other.

  Similarly, VapRwear hoodies pack built-in vaporizers that screw onto one end of the drawstring. Owned by Caribbean native Elvis “Papi” Edwards, the vape is kept in a discrete pocket and comes with a USB charger.


While getting lit on-the-go is enough to pique curiosity, we can’t help but liken the idea to built-in ear buds. Fun in theory but not very useful in reality.