‘Skinnygirl’ Founder Plans to Make Weed that Won’t Cause the Munchies


Bethenny Frankel, the woman behind the Skinnygirl empire, is looking to takeover the next frontier: weed. Or, more specifically, a line of “Skinnygirl weed.”

Word has it that the former Real Housewives of NYC star wants to apply her concept for diet cocktails to marijuana. So how does one go about creating guilt-free pot?

“It will be a specially engineered strain of pot designed to not give you the munchies,” an insider allegedly told Us Weekly. “She read about how profitable the cannabis industry is and wants to get in on that.”

Back in December, the 44-year-old entrepreneur stopped by a dispensary in Aspen, Colorado and tweeted about the experience.

While the evidence suggesting Frankel’s plans to brand weed is weak, the idea of munchies-free weed sounds like a high idea gone wrong. If all does go according to plan, and pre-packaged Skinnygirl cannabis hits shelves where weed is legal in Colorado, Alasksa, Washington and Oregon, is there even a profitable market for diet marijuana? Will Skinnygirl joints become the equivalent of Virginia Slims? And what’s so wrong about craving pizza at 3 am anyway?

Whatever the answer may be, you’ve got to give the lady kudos for creating a solution to a problem most of us saw as an amusing after-effect.

Picthx Bethenny Frankel