Colorado Unveils Milder Marijuana-Infused ‘Rookie Cookies’ for Beginners


Maureen Dowd, take note.

In response to a call for less potent edibles, Colorado manufacturers and pot shops are reaching out to novices with milder cannabis-infused products. Among this line-up of freshly-baked edibles comes Growing Kitchen’s “Rookie Cookie” made with just 10 milligrams of THC, compared to the 65-milligram cookie Levi Thamba took before jumping to his death from a balcony. The new 10-milligram cookie is “a low enough dose that most adults wouldn’t be too impaired to drive a car,” the Gazette notes.

Dixie Elixirs, makers of THC sodas, will also be offering a 5-milligram Dixie One watermelon cream soda, which is being touted as “great for those who are new to THC or don’t like to share.”

‘Rookie Cookies’

In a sense, the trend toward low dose offerings is similar to selling beer and wine next to hard liquor like whiskey and tequila.

“No one buys a handle of Jim Beam and thinks they should drink all of that in one sitting,” says Tim Cullen, owner of two Denver-based marijuana dispensaries, tells the Gazette. “But people do want to eat an entire cookie, an entire piece of chocolate. So these products allow you to do that and not have a miserable experience.”

Seeing as a large number of patrons visiting Denver-area pot shops are tourists probably buying legal weed for the first time — these edibles for newbies are a proper option for those wanting to avoid the horrors of “exposed-brick wall.”

Picthx Growing Kitchen

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