Pornhub Transforms Masturbation Into Sustainable Energy


Pornhub, unlikely crusaders of peace and justice, makes moves to save the planet by transforming your fapping sessions into sustainable energy.

Rather than let those millions of hours surveying the internet’s finest go to waste, Pornhub decided to harness these tiny up and down efforts into electricity via the Wankband.

According to the site, The Wankband is the “first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet by loving yourself.”

Pornhub claims that a kinetic charger located inside the band generates power with every motion and can be connected to your smartphone, computer or tablet, powering them with bona fide renewable energy.

Don’t fret : the handy device is unisex, letting everyone participate in the global fapathon. However, before you start stretching those handbones, you’ll have to wait your turn. The Wankband is currently still in development, but there’s already a submission for those interested in signing up for beta testing on their landing page here (SFW).

For those thinking this is all just some publicity stunt, let’s not forget when Pornhub gave America wood.