CA Police Caught on Camera Eating Edibles During Dispensary Raid

A marijuana dispensary raid was caught on the shop’s surveillance camera, revealing what an attorney says appears to be officers munching on edibles and mocking an amputee.

According to the OC Weekly, the raid took place on May 27 at the Sky High Collective in Santa Ana, California. The videos depict officers casually munching on what seems to be pot candy and chucking darts after attempting to destroy all surveillance cameras. Looks like they missed one. Although you can’t really blame them, sometimes you slip up after the brownies kick in.

At 1:44 (above), a plainclothes cop places something in his mouth, then tosses it to another officer who asks “What flavor?”

The video below depicts an officer laughing at an amputee in a wheelchair, saying “I was about to kick her in her f***ing nub.” Unsurprisingly, the Santa Ana Police Department is currently undergoing internal investigation. In other words, the officers caught on camera will probably get a slap on the hand and a stern reminder of the proper way to “handle” evidence.