The Pizza Box That Folds Into a Weed Pipe

pizza pipe

Pizza, it’s the shit that soaks up all your bad decisions at 2am. Weed, its what you do before and after the pizza arrives. So, it makes sense that someone’s finally figured out how to transform a pizza box into a weed pipe.

Created by the people behind Push for Pizza (a glorious one-push-of-a-button pizza app) and the Nickolas Gregory studio, the box features a section that can be neatly torn off and folded into the shaft of a pipe. After that, just take the pizza saver used to prevent your pie from sticking to the lid and insert it to the end of the shaft to make the bowl.

Made of 100% recyclable materials, the bowl is crafted from temperature resistant ceramic and even has a built-in carb for ventilation.

pizza box

pizza box weed pipe

pizza box cut out

paper pipe

pipe bowl

pizza box pipe

“No longer will one have to search for a pipe before or struggle to remember the telephone number of the pizza parlor after its use,” boasts Push for Pizza. “Equally important, the pizza is in hand before the munchies set in, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience without the interminable delay of its delivery or the pain of gnawing hunger.”

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Now, here’s the bad news: the pizza pipe is just a pipe dream for now. But depending on how it’s received, The Verge reports that it may get a limited time run. ‘Til then, you’ll just have to remember where you placed your piece. If that fails, there’s always weed pizza.

Picthx Push for Pizza