Nancy Grace Smoked by 2 Chainz in Weed Debate

As fond we are of the living caricature that is Nancy Grace, this clip of her debate with 2 Chainz reveals why it’s still on television. Tonight, the rapper — or as Grace reminded him “Tity Boi” — was invited on the program to debate the legalization of marijuana. In a hilarious “think of the children” move, Grace interjects their discussion with videos of parents coaxing their kids into smoking weed. In response, he reminds her that you “can’t use this case to define an entire community.”

Some of the best moments happen when Grace asks why the guys in his music video are wearing “regular clothes” while the girls carrying butt-shaped cakes are in “skin-tight leopard suits.” Also, Grace reciting 2 Chainz’s lyrics “Smoking California weed with California whores,’ Excuse me, ‘true.’ I left that out.” To which he quips, “Truuue!”

Don’t worry, it was just some friendly fire and the two remain the best of friends: