24 Weed-Infused Recipes That Go Beyond the Brownie

Weed-Infused Pumpkin

One of the most beautiful things about gradual marijuana decriminalization in the United States (however many setbacks it faces)? It offers ample opportunity for culinary minds to experiment with one more potent herb. Now we’ve scoured the internet for some impressive and inventive weed-infused recipes. From Julia Child-worthy THC Trout Amandine to a super simple cannabis caramel you could pour over everything, here’s 24 weed-infused recipes that go beyond the brownie.


Weed CheezIts, aka WeezIts

A snack-friendly marijuana version of Cheez-Its — the classic munchie that can be found in any proper stoner abode.

Marijuana Jalapeno Poppers

The ultimate upgrade to these Superbowl (pun intended) standbys.

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Heady Hummus

As The Cannabist staffer Laurie Wolf notes, “Hummus is a great stoner food — it’s healthy and it tastes so great that you can kind of go crazy and not feel like you ate a whole chocolate cake.”

Cannabis Caramel Sauce

A two-ingredient weed-infused caramel sauce recipe so simple you can make it while stoned.

Green Dragon Vodka

Weed Vodka, aka ‘Green Dragon’

The Green Dragon ranks as one of the more elusive DIY methods of getting high. How you actually make weed vodka varies depending on who you ask, here we pick the  soak-and-wait route.

Amsterdam Inspired Belgian Waffles

A beautiful Northern European fusion.

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Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri is already a green-herb blended sauce. Naturally, pot fits right in.

THC Trout Amandine

That’s right, even Julia Child worthy culinary classics can be weed-infused.

Bloody Mary-juana

Our three favorite vices: weed, alcohol and food. Use the weed-infused vodka in this Bloody Mary to get crossfaded off any of your favorite vodka cocktails.

Weed-Infused Pumpkin

Weed-Infused Pumpkin ‘Spice’ Lattes

‘Tis always the season for Pumpkin “Spice” Lattes.

Caramel Cashew Squares

These salty sweet treats incorporate cannabutter in both the crust and the butterscotch cashew topping.

Marijuana Cake

How should you celebrate your birthday? Share a giant weed-infused birthday cake with all your friends, of course.

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Thai Red Curry

The recipe author infuses this Thai restaurant standby with an Alaskan strain dubbed the Matanuska Thunder Fuck. We’re sure that’s bound to be an interesting meal.

BBQ Cannabis Nachos

We’d like to motion that all American chain restaurants consider infusing their appetizer menu with weed options. These BBQ Cannabis Nachos top the list.

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Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Case in point: Can you imagine how much money TGI Friday’s would make if they replaced their potato skins with these?

Chili Cheddar Mac Soup

As American as apple pie.

Marijuana Apple Pie

Speaking of which, here is an actual weed-laced apple pie.

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THC Thanksgiving Turkey Marinade

Probably better to serve at Friendsgiving rather than your family Thanksgiving gathering—unless your family is way cooler than ours.

Marijuana Peppermint Ice Cream

Get baked on something icy cool and refreshing. We’re sure the herbal flavor of fresh peppermint and weed dust complement each other.

Pesto Verdi Marijuana

This versatile pesto offers two opportunities for weed infusion: in the oil component and in the herb component. You do you.


Cannabis Whipped Cream Topping

Here’s a terrible/fantastic decision: Top your weed-infused apple pie with cannabis caramel sauce and this whipped topping.

Chicken with Cannabis Black Bean Sauce

Instead of ordering takeout after baking, kill two birds with one stone with this Chinese black bean chicken recipe.

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Pot-infused Triple Layer Trifle

The prettiest pot-infused recipe we’ve seen.

Strawberry Weed Muffins

Perfect for your wake and bake.

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