Marijuana Pizzas to Take Over Los Angeles

Fresh Oven Cooked Pizza

Since he was 17, Henry Mark worked at dispensaries, there he learned that many marijuana edibles still struggle with one basic nuance: Inconsistency. A cannabis-infused brownie’s effect could range from KO to a dud in another brownie of the same label. Looking to create a reliable product, Mark graced Los Angeles with a line of personal weed pizzas that could only be found at a few select pot shops.

Soon, word of Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza’s $10 savory pies hit the masses. Made from an indica-dominant hybrid strain, each 6-inch pie packs 250 mg of ethanol-extracted THC concentrate. Now, according to LA Weekly, the buzz has allowed the Hollywood native to ramp up production from a couple hundred handmade pies per week to 3000 pies per week churned out in a commercial kitchen.

Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza

Picthx Stoned Oven

The lineup includes OG Pepperoni, 5-Star Cheese, and Very Margarita Jane recipes developed in collaboration with a Soho House chef. Mark recommends eating the pizzas in quarters and waiting 30 minutes between each slice before deciding whether to eat another.

While city law prohibits anyone from eating the weed pizzas on site, some dispensaries will cook the pizza for you before placing it in the delivery box.

Although, Mark warns:

You cannot taste one bit of marijuana in there. This pizza is really dangerous…

The rapid growth of the ganja entrepreneur’s business– from a franchise book to a new line of CBD-heavy pizzas to setting up wholesale strategies — is something he’s been waiting for since he was 17.


~ Marijuana Pizzas to Take Over Los Angeles ~

  • Teto85

    “You cannot taste one bit of marijuana in there. This pizza is really dangerous.”

    Challenge accepted.