Longest Lunch Breaks Ever: Marijuana Food Truck

weed food truck

Remember passing around a joint and bullshitting with your buddies about all the cool weed businesses you’d dabble in once marijuana was legal? Well, the days of wistful thinking are gone. Weed vending machines are real; all-weed cigarettes are real; and now, a food truck slinging edibles is very, very real.

Debuted at the US Cannabis Cup in Denver, Samich Truck (Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness) is the baby of Seattle-based company Magical Butter. The converted school bus-turned-pot food truck measures 40-feet long and will be serving more than the standard munchie cures. Think marijuana-infused sunbutter and jelly sandwiches, refreshing bánh mì, bbq pulled pork sandwiches and melty cheese sandwiches to dip into a “Kushie Tomato Soup.”

Samich Truck will be rolling through Seattle all Summer, as the state becomes the next of many to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. The company plans to send off a fleet of food trucks to other cities across America where they can legally set up shop. An app to find the nearest marijuana truck near you is also in the works.


~ Longest Lunch Breaks Ever: Marijuana Food Truck ~

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