Marijuana Farmers Market Coming to Los Angeles

Oh, dear. Farm-to-table marijuana will no doubt be the nouveau catchphrase as more US states move towards legalizing weed.

Los Angeles looks to make the not-so baby steps in that direction, starting with a local dispensary’s plans to host a farmer’s market this upcoming 4th of July weekend. Anyone with a medical marijuana card will be able to attend and browse through vendor booths selling edibles, buds and more.

The West Coast Collective dispensary will hold the California Heritage Market on its outdoors property, the pot shop’s director Paizley Bradbury told LA Weekly. Bradbury hopes the event will encourage patient-farmer interaction, preventing dishonest practices by retailers and high markups.

“We’re trying to show a different way of running this industry,” Bradbury touted. “Cut out the dispensaries, who have control over how this experience is regulated.”

While the California Heritage Market hopes to set up the marijuana-friendly farmer’s market every week, there doesn’t seem to be a LA city law that allows pot retailers to directly distribute to more than three people unless the retailer is a registered pre-ICO dipsensary.

Nevertheless, the farmers market is set to be open from 10 am to 8 pm, July 4 to 6 at 1500 Esperanza St, Los Angeles, 90023.  

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