You Can Now Buy All-Marijuana Cigarettes

“So a Cranfords cigarette looks exactly like a regular cigarette — until you look into the tip and see all that green poking out.”

Chris Connors comes from a lineage of business-inclined, his father being a Wall Street veteran of 30 years and grandfather a Bristol-Myers executive. Now, the third-generation Connors looks to take on the green  industry as Cranfords’ Chief Operating Officer and with what many are calling the first mass-marketed, all-marijuana cigarette.

Taking advantage of America’s love affair with Big Tobacoo, Cranfords feature the look and feel of standard cigarette packing but swap the nicotine for a high-THC blend.


“A lot of people who smoke (tobacco) cigarettes have tried our products, and they like that it’s the same feeling — the way it fits between your fingers and how you smoke it and flick it,” Connors told Cannabist. “But there’s no tobacco in there. It’s all marijuana, about 100 milligrams (of THC) in each cigarette, so they’ll definitely make you feel differently than a regular cigarette.”

The cannabis cigarettes feature a blend of Scott’s OG and Larry’s OG and come in packs of 10 retailed at $30, with a suggested retail price ranging from $50 to $60.

As Connors points out, it’s not a bad deal at a quarter ounce of weed per tin. Still, the glorified joint offers a curious nod towards the changing landscape of marijuana culture. As weed vending machines and costco-like ambitions arise, the re-branding of Mary Jane edges ever closer.


~ You Can Now Buy All-Marijuana Cigarettes ~

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