Man Lights Up Bong After Rolling Vehicle in High Speed Chase

Man Lights Up Bong After Rolling Vehicle

A high speed car chase took off when a suspect vehicle got away from Michigan State coppers on US 23 northbound.

NBC reports that officers in Lucas County picked up the 2002 Brown Buick around 3 am on Sunday and that the driver hit speeds of 115 mph. When the vehicle hit the 25 mile point of the highway, police say the Buick spun out of control and rolled over several times, landing in a ditch off the side of the freeway.

As authorities attempted to smash through the window, the man inside the car proceeded to light up. NBC notes:

 When the driver was approached by three officers, he showed no signs of being injured. He looked up, lit up a marijuana bong and began smoking while the officers attempted to break out a window.

After, we assume, a few good rips, the unidentified man was brought into custody and held on charges of fleeing and eluding, operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and possession of marijuana.


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