2-in-1 Weed and Beer Bong Will Get You Meta-Faded


There are lots of ways to get high. Cannabis lube, weed pepperoni pizza, pumpkin “spice” lattes… the list is impressive, to say the least.

2-in-1 Weed and Beer Bong

Then somebody makes a bong that will get you faded and drunk at the same damn time and all hell breaks loose. The all-in-one “beer shotgun, water pipe, gravity pipe, and a beer gravity pipe” is the MacGyver of bongs. Aptly named “The Knockout,” the device was designed by  two engineers and a pilot in Canada. Sneaky Canadians.

The piece feels familiar yet more sophisticated than the wet beer bottles/water bottles you manipulated back in college. The attachment is crafted from silicone and stainless steel, slipping right onto almost any bottleneck. If you’re turning it into a beer bong, simply fill it with booze and flip it upside down — air flows up through the stainless steel tube and beer flows down smoothly. To turn it into a water bong, pack the end of the “one-hitter bowl” with herb, fill the bottle half-way, and light.

There’s also the option of turning it into the “demon spawn of a gravity bong and a beer bong,” which combines continuously hitting the pipe and chugging a beer. For serious multi-taskers only.

One of these will cost you 30 a pop, not bad if you’re looking for something that’s portable and will make you everyone’s friend at the party. Just kidding, at least your mom still loves you.