There’s a Keurig for Weed Now

Keurig of Weed

It’s the perfect American kitchen. A Vitamix gleams from the marble countertop. A steel Simplehuman trash can flaps open as pudgy kids run by to grab a gluten-free granola bar from the cookie jar. A mom pops a pod into her Keurig as she waits for her morning cup of coffee while taking a sick rip from her single-use vaporizer.


Wait, wut?

CannaKorp revealed a new way to vape, the CannaCloud, single-use pods of legal marijuana. The website says:

CannaKorp designed a patent-pending vaporizer that allows users to comfortably enjoy a convenient and efficient vapor. The CannaCloud has a hygienic, one-way valve that is also detachable for easy cleaning.

The cool, white vaporizer looks more like an oversized travel mug, and the mechanics are just as simple. You pop the pre-filled pods of marijuana into the vaporizer, push a button to heat up the weed, and within a minute it’s filled with vapor that releases via a one-way valve. Oh, and the mouthpiece is detachable for easy cleaning. Yay!

While the idea falls into the Keurig effect (consistent doses of consumption, an environmental nightmare, a high price tag), the company wrapped up a seed funding round of $1.58 million with plans to launch early 2017. Their strategy? Judging from their promo video, to cash-in on the industry’s dream market: upper middle-class moms who toke.