Not Just Oregano: US Company Sells Marijuana Pizza Sauces

A Pennsylvania-based pizza chain announced plans to create a line of pizza sauces infused with cannabis. Unique Pizza and Subs noted that “marijuana infusion chefs” were helping them create the new line of weed pies going beyond the regular, ho-hum oregano and red pepper flakes.

Along with the next-level sauces, the chain expressed interest in developing frozen marijuana pizzas. However (buzzkill reminder), both the sauces and frozen pies would only be available in US states where weed is legal for medical or recreational use.

Assuming all goes according to plan, Unique Pizza and Subs would join a growing number of restaurants offering edibles — including Mega iLL, a Vancouver pizzeria where patrons with medical recommendations can get their pies drizzled with pot-infused oil for $10 or more.

So, are frozen weed pizzas on the hazy horizon? Sounds about right.


~ Not Just Oregano: US Company Sells Marijuana Pizza Sauces ~

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I enjoy long walks to Taco Bell.

  • buttholepunch

    It’s actually is an incredible spice