How to Make a Pipe Out of Starburst

With kush now legal in Colorado — sales surpassed $1 million on the first day — Washington and other states will no doubt follow suit. Naturally, we thought this would be an appropriate moment to introduce readers to a DIY pipe made especially for sweet tooths.

Behold, the Starburst pipe. Watch the tutorial as the homie Master Bong gives us a quick breakdown of how to turn this classic candy into a smoking device.

Oh, and we heard it makes a great post-sesh snack.


Starburst Pipe


  • Pack of Starburst
  • Skewer (metal or wooden)
  • Your choice of kush


  • Unwrap the Starburst pieces and press them on top of one another so they stick.
  • Take your skewer and cut a hole 2/3 through the length of the stack.
  • Make a rounded hole on top of the stack to create your bowl.
  • Now pack that business and enjoy!

Protip: Use a mesh screen to catch any residue and rinse out the edible pipe before eating.


How to Make a Pipe Out of Starburst.