Green Tours become the Pub Crawls of Colorado

When you arrive at Denver International Airport, the tourist information desk will have a list of nearly 20 places you can buy pot in the city. While the concept may have seemed like a mere delusion a few years ago, marijuana sales have surpassed the million dollar mark since Colorado’s first day of legalization last week, 

As a result, a new kind of tourism is growing in Denver, with hundreds flocking to what NY Daily News calls the “Alpine Amsterdam.”

“It’s pretty surreal out here,” Marisa Impellizzeri, a 27-year-old master’s student traveling from Kentucky told the Daily. “I brought my camera to record this historic moment.”

Peter Johnson of Colorado Green Tours has seen a boom in business since Wednesday, whose limo and SUVs cater to a luxury clientele. Patrons are taken on tours to newly opened stores by cannibis “experts” for the cool cost of $399. Note, that’s weed not included.

“The demand for our service has been nearly overwhelming — there’s a tidal wave,” Johnson, a former stock trader, revealed.

My 420 Yours, yet another “green” tour group, claims to already have 4,000 individuals signed up for the maryjane express. The tour includes visits with the growers and edible chefs themselves, as well as stops at some of the dozens of shops where weed is now legal for those 21 or older.

Still, there are limits. Although Colorado residents 21 and over can purchase up to an ounce of pot, out-of-staters are restricted to a quarter-ounce at a time and may not take it out of state. The sudden growth has also posed an immediate problem for hotels, as Denver has only 600 hotel rooms where smoking is allowed. As demand grows, new policies will be adjusted according to how valuable the state finds its newfound marijuana tourism.

Charisma Madarang

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