Drive-Thru Pot Clinics to Open in Chicago Suburb


With medical marijuana in Illinois officially becoming legal starting January 1, a suburb in Chicago intends to allow dispensaries to feature drive-thru windows.

While debate surrounded the convenience-friendly dispensaries, the Naperville City Council approved the new regulations in a vote of 8-0. Councilman Paul Hinterlong pointed out that the added accessibility would make it easier for certain medical marijuana patients to obtain their medication.

“There’s people that will have certain issues that will make it difficult for them to get out and walk in,” Councilman Paul Hinterlong told the Chicago Tribune.

Although regulations for dispensaries and cultivation centers have been approved by the council before the first of January, cultivation facilities are limited to industrial areas and owners must undergo a hearing process for final approval. The city also ruled that dispensaries must operate within 250 feet of residential areas, but do not require a hearing process to open in industrial areas.

Still, we’re this much closer to ordering a different kind of shake with our burgers.


Drive-Thru Pot Clinics to Open in Chicago Suburb.