Don’t Forget to Put on a Weed-Flavored Condom

Multihigh, makers of weed paraphernalia, sells marijuana-themed protection they’ve oh-so cleverly named “Cannadoms.” Yes, they’re green condoms. Yes, that means you’ll be boning with a green, alien dick.

More importantly, the company claims their products taste like weed. A pack of 50 will run you €39.40 (US $54), which comes out to a buck per condom.

We’re hoping the flavor leans towards the kush variety, rather than the dry shake at the bottom of your jar. For those wondering if you can get high off Cannadoms, sad day: you can’t. Although, that would be a brilliant idea. Here’s looking at you pot scientists.


Don’t Forget to Put on a Weed-Flavored Condom.

Charisma Madarang

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