DC Comics Releases Harley Quinn Comic That Smells Like Weed

Harley Quinn Comic

Marijuana-scented comic book pages? According to Bleeding Cool, this just so happens to be “100% true.”

The Harley Quinn Comic Cronic-als?

DC Comics sets to launch their very own scratch ‘n’ sniff comic with the soon-be-released Harley Quinn Annual #1. The US version features smells that include pizza, suntan lotion, leather and what is referred to as “cannabisylocibe 7-A.” Sneaky.

While we can imagine the fun this cannabis edition will cause at customs, the rest of the world — Canada, UK, Australia, etc. — will be getting their comics sans weed. The international version replaces the marijuana odor with the fresh-cut smell of grass.

Either way, 7 writer Tarun Bansal brings up a solid question:  “I thought Mary Jane was a Marvel character?” I’ll be darned. 


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