Choosing Your Weed Like a Fine Wine

Admit it. The way you decide on what wine to pair with that sautéed lemon pepper trout depends on two things: how eye-catching the label on the bottle is and how convincing the description reads. Something to the tune of “a bright, citrus flavor with a buttery finish to enjoy while sitting by your mahogany fireplace overlooking a stunning bearskin rug” will usually do it.

So, what if we took this same tactic and applied it to weed? The pot tasting chart below helps you choose a strain of marijuana as “If Pot Was Like Wine,” with deciding factors based on mood and flavor. Watching Netflix with a craving for something fruity? Toke on Grand Daddy Purple. Looking to blaze with friends and a fan of superlatives? Light up Super Silver Haze.


Picthx Kyle Kim


~ Choosing Your Weed Like a Fine Wine ~