This Entrepreneur Legally Cashing in On Marijuana

Rodawg, headed by founder Joshua Gordon, wants to make weed as classy as Glenlivet neat.The company focuses on becoming cannabis’ first luxury brand and seeks to cash in on an industry that’s on the path to $1 billion by the next fiscal year. Thanks to America’s growing support of recreational marijuana use, entrepreneurs can sense the potential for profit and Gordon is set to be in the right place, at the right time.

“You walk into a dispensary, and you’ll get $200 worth of cannabis in a plastic bag,” he told Mashable. “Then you’ll buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label at your local liquor store, and it’ll come in a felt box, an impressive bottle. That’s how we envision cannabis in the future.”


Of course, the fact that weed is still illegal in New York hasn’t gone unnoticed. As Nextshark points out, since Rodawg never comes in contact with any actual marijuana — with the assistance of a legal team — the enterprise can do business out of New York without fuss.

“Are there certain things we need to be careful about? Sure,” says Gordon. “But in the end, we’re selling packaging.”


At the moment, Rodawg only has one product for the average consumer: a slick, flat tin bearing the logo with three to five empty cones made of unbleached paper imported from the Netherlands and equipped with a filter. Essentially a classed-up version of pre-rolled joints, a three-pack runs at $5.99 and a five-pack $7.99.

As for what’s available at dispensaries, the line suddenly expands to include child-proof glass jars for stashing cannabis flowers, plastic orbs for concentrates, test-tubes for single joints and biodegradable pouches for edibles.Each item gets their own branded with a name, such as “The Saturn” and “The Dome.” The designs are conscious of their market and elegant, costing just a bit more than the standard pill bottle.

“There’s been a paradigm shift in the way people are thinking about cannabis,” Gordon says. “That led us to create a product that would fit the lifestyle of the regular person, not the stereotypical stoner sitting on his couch, smoking a bong, playing Nintendo.”

Well, let’s not jump to conclusions now, Mr. Gordon.


~ This Entrepreneur Legally Cashing in On Marijuana ~

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