Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Unofficial Mascot of Stoners, Creates Ad for Carl’s Jr. ‘Slutburger’

Unofficial Mascot of Stoners

Makers of titillating burger porn, Carl’s Jr. rolled out their newest unabashed ad in a collaboration with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, starring Carl Brutananadilewski. The only guy who can wear a white undershirt, gold chain, mom jeans and flips flops and have us be totally ok with that. Most of the time.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Stealing the role of the usual soap-sudded, bikini-wearing swimsuit model (sorry, Heidi), Carl lathers it up on his car while donning a leopard print speedo and referring to his wanker as a “Carl’s Jr.” Brilliant. Of course, the obligatory “it barely fits in my hand” joke is dropped and ketchup gets all over the grizzly bear as Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake gaze on.

The ad/parody is a play off their “slutburger” (TM Gawker) campaigns that you’ve seen on TV while awkwardly sitting next to your girlfriend.