7 of the Greatest Blunts to Smoke After Work

How to Roll a Joint

Sure, it’s 420 and every other photo on Instagram is a meme about rolling your friend into a joint and every status is “<3<3**4/20**<3<3”. The shitty truth is that unlike everyone else, you’re employed and have a big boy job that requires you to stare at a computer until it sucks your soul out. Lucky you.

On the bright side, as soon as you get off work, you’ll be dusting off your bong and kicking it with your hippie neighbor and 40-year-old dealer. Hey, you might even try rolling one up if inspiration strikes you. If that happens, here are 7 impossibly impressive uses of kush and some mighty strong paper for some after-work arts and crafts.


High as a warhawk





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When your blunt looks the way you feel


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A first-class flight to Paris


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Education first


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Celebrating 4/20 in style