7 Reasons My High Ideas are My Best Ideas

Do you desire a non-conventional job? To break free from a mundane predestined path that your parents most likely selected? Do you possess a zest for adventure? If so, spark your entrepreneurial spirit with the light of a J and inhale the chronic inspiration.

Once you’ve passed the denial, confusion, and paranoia, lighting up will open your eyes to a whole new world.  Any stoner will vouch for the unique perspective a marijuana high can deliver – and with it, as stoner history proves, come the most mind-blowing, exciting, and possibly revolutionary ideas.


1. Perspective

A Mary Jane-induced high can be eye-opening (unless you get too high – then your eyes will slowly, but surely shut) to new points of view. A different way of looking at the world or a specific situation can provide a unique clarity and thus the perfect state of mind for brainstorming outside of your own personal box.


7 Reasons My High Ideas are My Best Ideas.


2. Creativity

Marijuana is renowned for its awakening of creativity. Whether it is to music, literature, photography, film, or any other form of art, MJ can inspire your imagination, and lead to extraordinary creations.


3. Fear of Judgment Goes Out the Window

Just as the hazy cloud of smoke leaves your lungs, concern with other people’s judgment will start to fade – by the time the smoke has permeated through your fancy interview shirt, you will give zero fucks about public scrutiny. Such a liberating state of mind leads to formation or resurfacing of previously suppressed ideas, that were once locked away for fear of ridicule. More often than not, the most absurd ideas are the most revolutionary.


4. One word: MUNCHIES

Although at first this may seem like a negative side effect, the reality of the matter is that desperation for delicious snacks can lead to innovative use of common ingredients. In other words, you will be pretty much down to eat anything. Tenacious hunger and a heightened imagination are the perfect combo for crafting a new out-of-this world dish. Just look at cronuts and sriracha flavored Lays – there’s no way those aren’t high-induced creations.



5. Group-Talks

If you prefer smoking with a buddy or a few, this is perfect scenario for bouncing off your marijuana infused thoughts with a group of peers (equally high ones that is). For one, refer to #3; you will be less likely to care about judgments leading your inspirations to flow as freely as the smoke departing from your mouth. Plus, two minds are better than one, and adding some inspiring weed to the equation can only lead to beautiful results (for the most part).


6. Optimism

While high, we all adopt Bobby McFerrin’s philosophy: “don’t worry, be happy.” Such positivity and optimism are exactly what the doctor ordered for the eternal skeptic. Perhaps your self-confidence is low, or you doubt your ideas have the potential to become the next big thing. A little smoky-courage can turn you into a “bowl have full” kind of guy/girl. Giving that much needed push, to take a chance on something undiscovered.


7. The Feels

Marijuana allows us to tap into our emotions: passion, sensitivity, humbleness, etc. Such feelings are prerequisites to humanitarian efforts. The ideas that ensue can range from philanthropic fundraising to cleaning up the beach, or simply lending a hand to one need. Think about this, when’s the last time you saw a stoner throw a punch… this special breed of people are more likely to be found offering free hugs at Venice Beach.


So instead of dismissing marijuana as a time-wasting, hippie-breading drug, open your mind to its unparalleled possibilities. Ignite, inhale, and invigorate your tired mind with a little help from Mary Jane.

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Alexandra Sharova

A Russian-Californian hybrid who loves poetry, Black Sabbath and pickles