11 Gifts for the Cannabis Connoisseur You Know

Tetra Colored lighters

As more US states continue to legalize marijuana, gifting your stoner friends with Cheez-Its and a $20 gift card to Taco Bell is no longer hilarious. With more 420-friendly products and goodies coming out than ever, you can find something for every type of stoner on your list. You just need to know where to look.

Lucky for you, we did our homework. Check out some of the top finds below.

Honest Lighters

Tetra Colored lighters

Finally, a lighter that says exactly how you feel.

Tetra x Various Keytags Lighter, $45

The Weekend PAX Vapor

The Weekend PAX Vapor

Of course The Weekend’s collab with PAX vapes would be matte, noir and power on to a jingle of “The Hills.” We’d expect nothing less.

The Weekend PAX, $325

Green Crack Chargers

Emoji Cell Chargers Wattzup

To say we’re obsessed with these would be a severe understatement. Wattz Up slings emoji-themed phone chargers, including “Poop,” “Tears of Joy,” and “Eggplant.” The “Green Crack” (there’s also “Purple Haze”) is our favorite though, because our phones like to get lit, too.

Wattz Up Phone Chargers, $50

Kush Kards

Kush Kards Buy

Perfect for last minute gift ideas, these clever “Kush Kards” have a joint-insert at the top and feature a match strike at the bottom. There’s no better way to celebrate, after all.

RedEye Rudy, $8

24K Gold Rolling Papers

Shine Sheet Rolling Papers

Some people pop bottles. Others smoke gold.

Shine Gold Rolling Papers, $55

Défoncé Chocolate

Marijuana Chocolate Edibles

Fittingly named Défoncé (slang for “stoned” in French), the Gucci of edibles fuses luxury chocolate with the best cannabis California has to offer.

Find Défoncé here.

A Ticket to Cannabis Cup

Person Sharing Weed

Need an excuse to visit the West Coast? We just found it. You’re welcome.

Cannabis Cup Tickets, $45

Odor-Locking Purse

AnnaBis Bags

This is what you get your aunt who smokes you out before you wreck havoc on holiday dinners. It’s a perfect way to say thank you and everyone else will just think you got her a bag from Bloomingdales.

AnnaBís Odor-Locking Purse, $175

The Perfect Stoner Shirt

Recreator Shirts

For the friend who needs to retire that stoned Mario shirt they’ve had since high school — you know the one. Replace it with something a little more elevated. These shirts from Recreator keep it cheeky and classy.

Wax Bear Crew, $35

14KT Gold Dipped Dipper

Gold Dipped Dabber

The perfect addition to any stash. Got to love how they pair it with Foria (er, weed lube).

Gold Dipped Dabber, $15

Bacon and Eggs Glass Pipe

glass happy pipes

Ideal for the buddy who loves to wake and bake.

Find Glass Happy here.