100 Mugshots Combined Reveal Average Pothead

In a curious yet questionable project, Recovery.org gathered 100 mugshots to reveal what the average faces of drug abuse looks like. While the site admitted that “it is unlikely that a user’s basic facial structure depends on the substance they were arrested for,” they were determined to reach a conclusion on the effects of marijuana, alcohol and methamphetamine on a user’s appearance.

So what did they find? Compared to the gaunt, unhappy, sunken appearance of meth users and the smug, flushed appearance of those arrested for DUIs, the average mugshot of a someone arrested for marijuana possession turned out to be rather pleasant. Despite having large pupils, the average pothead was found to have a round, full face that was relaxed.

The results contradict a recent study that suggests pot smokers have smaller waists and higher levels of “good cholesterol” than non-pot smokers.