Secret Parisian Bath House – Bowie, Sheen and Diddy Partied

Some broken, fucked up tile. Some artist painting on that stained wall over there. Spilled alcohol that make your black heels sticky. Dusty blinds and nights you remember in pieces but hope to God you’ll never forget.

This is Les Bains Douches in Paris, France. This European bathhouse turned party central turned art house was a legendary hotspot that now houses the drunk memories of artists and celebrities like Andy Warhol, Prince, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and many more.

In 1885, Les Bains was run by the Guerbois family. According to its website, this was home to the “most famous private thermal baths of the capital” where they offered everything from massages and steam baths to Russian and Turkish baths.

In 1978, Les Bains became the hub for artsy and celebrity shit shows. “A centre of gravity on a universal scale for the world of media, show business, and the arts.

Around the late 1990s, French DJ David Guetta and his wife bought the legendary night club in an attempt to continue the epic partying but alas, the era of big hair, brat packs and old school glam was ending.

In 2011, Jean Pierre Marois lead the company, La Societe des Bains, in an effort save this famous cultural institution. More recently, Les Bains has taken on the identity of an arthouse. This ain’t your cousin’s crappy graffiti on that green, abandoned truck outside either. This is some intense shit. Every inch of the 3000 m^2 is embedded with aerosol, marker, photography, poster, brush, sponge, chalk by the insane street artists. Every floor and wall bleeding with the emotional remnants of creative spirits from back then till now.






The future is hopeful but unclear for Les Bains. The company speaks of Les Bains being “born again” in Winter 2014 as it has been restored to the point that residency possible. The website presents several possibilities like a hotel or a club but ensures that the same type of chic, bohemian, welcoming spirit of Les Bains will be all the same.


Here’s to more artistic adventures, cloudy memories, and sticky black heels.


~ Secret Parisian Bath House – Bowie, Sheen and Diddy Partied ~