Side-by-Side Portraits of Powerful Women and Men Expose America’s Stereotypes

Expose America's Stereotypes

When you take off your rose-colored glasses, the world of stereotypes becomes a blaring reality. Despite how progressive we claim our generation to be, underlying prejudices often surface. Many people are stereotyped by the way they dress, the tattoos on their skin — superficial cues used to create prejudices against someone’s race or sexual orientation.

Portraits Expose America’s Stereotypes

Judging America is a frank photo project by Dallas-based photographer Joel Parés. The GIF portraits challenge us to look at each individual through two different lenses. One image features an over-the-top reflection of the prejudices associated with the individual, while the other reveals how the person appears in reality.  Parés tells Fstoppers:

The way I like to show the series is where you view the judged image first, to fuel the fire inside of some of us, and then the reality image to cool down the fire and open the eyes of those who think in a negative way while judging individuals.


 Family Outreach Program Founder,  Ben Alvarez


New York City Nurse, Sahar Shaleem


iPhone App Inventor Worth Millions, Joseph Messer


Pastor/Missionary, Jack Johnson


Widowed Mother of 3 Kids, Jane Nguyen


Iraqi Combat Veteran, Jacob Williams


Stanford Grad Student, Sammie Lee


World Famous Painter, Alexander Huffman


CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, Edgar Gonzalez