Tracking the Decay of Detroit Neighborhoods

Detroit has a great, yet tragic odyssey. We’re reminded of the latter through photography capturing the city’s forgotten theaters, abandoned schools, and crumbling churches. As most of us scroll through these photos from afar, it’s easy to forget that there are people watching the decline of a place they call home.

Entitled GooBing Detroit, Alex Asup reminds us of the very real residents of Detroit by documenting the city’s transformation using Google Street View Time Machine. Over a span of just a few years, from 2009 to 2013, suburban neighborhoods fade to empty lots occupied by the trees and weeds overtaking them.

However, we like to think that where there is crisis, there is opportunity to create something tremendous.


~ Tracking the Decay of Detroit Neighborhoods ~


Palmer Lodge Apartments

detroit-building detroit-then detroit today

Luckily, word has it the building is being renovated and looking quite nice these days.


Exeter Between Seven Mile & Penrose Northern Detroit

detroit before and after detroit-housing detroit-neighborhooddetroit 2013


Montlieu between Gilbo & French City Airport Neighborhood