Meet Angela Mazzanti, Instagram’s It Girl with a Penchant for Good Kush


PHOTOGRAPHER: Phillip Reardon

MODEL: Angela Mazzanti

LOCATION: Spliffin Showroom, LA

The location we’re shooting at today is the enigmatic Spliffin showroom in Downtown LA. You know, the place where babes hang out to smoke fog batons and the highs rock your knickers one enlightening hit at a time. Like the mouth of a cave, the hot afternoon sun illuminates the large “waiting room” at the front before extinguishing into the dark, moody interior. Once inside, the plush leather seats, slick glass tabletops and James Deen pop art make us feel like we’re lulling away in a modern day speakeasy.

This is where we slip into the afternoon with Angela Mazzanti, a tattooed bombshell and one of Instagram’s It girls known for her raw images and penchant for good kush.

Instagram Models

When deciding on people to create and shoot with, what do you look for?

I’m super picky. They have to be able to get published or come up with some cool concept that isn’t just me standing around and posing. Quality of work is huge and they have to have worked with girls I can contact to see how their experience was.

First time getting high?
I think I was like 16 or so, but I didn’t even feel myself get high the first time I smoked. After the 3rd time it hit me and I thought what I was smoking was laced.

Favorite strain to smoke?
Platinum cookies.


How has 2015 been treating you so far?
Couldn’t be better. I’m able to travel a lot and already moved from Fresno to the OC, so that alone couldn’t be better for me. Can’t wait to see what else it has in store.

As a recent transplant from Fresno to Santa Ana in Orange County, what antics have you been up to so far?
Shooting or at the beach every single day.

What do people in Fresno do for fun?
Drink and drugs haha or work. There’s really nothing to do out there.

What was your first tattoo? 
Script across my upper back that says “Rise or Die Trying.” I was 18.


What was it like to shoot with porn star Christy Mack?
She is the biggest sweetheart ever and super funny and goofy. I fan girled pretty hard when I met her.

What made you want to get behind the camera?
I’ve been around it so much that I figure why not learn to master photography as well as modeling so I can teach girls as I go.

Dopest location you’ve shot at so far?
The spots we find on the beach are always amazing but treasure island in SF has to be one of my favorites. I’ve been to tons of abandoned churches and spots that are oddly enough gorgeous. Anything abandoned is my favorite.