Wicked Wiches is Wicked Good

Orange County sucks. “There’s nothing to do, there’s nowhere to go, blah blah blah…” Fine, I get it, I’ve heard it enough and lived it enough, trust me. “But there’s nothing good to eat…” No. Shut up. One thing that you have no right to complain about here is a lack of gastronomic choices. The variety of different ethnic and global culinary options available in this county is astounding. At times, it can be intimidating and confusing, which can lead to the whole “There’s nothing to eat” mentality. Having said all this, sometimes, you’re just looking for a sandwich. Wicked ‘Wiches has that sandwich.

What originally began as a catering company back in 2009 has finally become a brick and mortar shop, a boon to their diehard customers. I originally tried one of their ‘wiches at Portola Coffee (aka my dealer) and was instantly hooked. Normally I try to wait until a place has been open for over a month before reviewing it, but I also have little to no self control so we headed over on what was probably their 4th day of business.  Green, black, and white (witches!) is the main color scheme, and the menu is written in chalk on the walls, with your sandwich assembly beginning at the far end of the counter.

You can choose from one of their 9 playfully named ‘wiches (making modifications if desired) or create your own from scratch. We’re lazy so we go with the Son of a ‘Wich (how could you not?) and the Paris ‘Wich. The Paris isn’t simply a ham and cheese sandwich; generous amounts of Black Forest ham and Havarti cheese lie on a buttered French baguette, like something you’d enjoy on the sidewalk of the Champs-Elysees. The Son of a ‘Wich is a revelation, some of the best chicken salad I’ve ever wolfed down. Roasted garlic and shallots added an edge to the sweetness of the mayo and the fresh wheat roll it’s served in. Each sandwich also comes with mixed a green salad, and there are plenty of other sides and drinks to choose from.

As with any new business, there were kinks to work out (credit card machine was down, sandwich makers still learning the ropes) but the service was friendly and eager, and the owner Jaime took extra care to ensure we were enjoying our meal. If you find yourself looking for a sandwich, just stop, collaborate, and listen: go here.

And come on, their logo is a witch. How could it not be good?

Mile-High Club     First-Class     Business Class     Economy

Check ’em out at: 

3701 S Harbor Blvd, Ste F
Santa Ana, CA 92704

M-F 10:30am – 5:00pm
Sat  11:00am – 2:30pm


Photography by Eunice Lee


~ Wicked Wiches is Wicked Good ~