Umami Anaheim: Truffle Burger

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The first time I tried out Umami Burger was in DTLA and I was smitten – indulgence dripping down my chin with each savory bite. The second time was in Costa Mesa and while fanfare and hype surrounding this new location (about 1.5 years ago-ish) was almost unbearable, the burgers fell flat – tasteless morsels of meat that made it apparent their SoCal kitchen wasn’t up to the standards of the OG.

So, as I settled into the ambiance of Umami Anaheim, I scrolled through the menu with lowkey trepidation. I decided on the Truffle Burger, an Umami standard that I paired with a pinot grigio. Stay classy, ya’ll.

We had a minute in between drinks and food to take in the ambiance. Each Umami has its own distinct theme, with this particular joint being a faux-gutted garage turned hipster haven. Unfortunately, that means the staff is forced to wear kitschy mechanic uniforms that look curiously similar to the ones spotted at Disney’s Cars Land (shiver).


The Truffle Burger turned out to be a petite delight. The patty was tender and the perfect sponge to soak up the generous amount of truffle cheese and glaze oozing onto the sweet bun. The meat was cooked to a light medium-rare pink and fell apart at all the right places – a sign of a solid, hand-formed patty. The burger does get minus points for having a “U” stamped on it though. As my dear friend Tarun would say, “Nope.”

While the burger was pretty tasty, it wasn’t mindblowing enough to warrant its $12 price tag, especially when it was indeed petite + sans sides. The ketchup, however, is bangin’. Housemade with fish flakes, onions, soy, mushrooms and garlic, its sweetness packs an addicting flavor. I recommend slathering it on all and everything.

 Truffle Burger: 3/5


Yelp: 3.5/5

338 S Anaheim Blvd Anaheim, CA 92805

Umami Burger: Twitter/Facebook/Site

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